Programm Auszug


    (Ballroom Blitz Sweet)

    (crazy little thing Queen)
    (diggin in the dirt Peter Gabriel)
    (After Dark Tito & Tarantula)
  • California  RHCP)

  • Behind blue eyes (The WHO)
  • Under the bridge (Red Hot Chilli)
  • Nothing can last (Stephen Duffy
  • Digging in the dirt (Peter Gabriel)
  • Postcards from Paraquay (M. Knopfler)
  • Six blade knife (M. Knopfler)
  • Helplessly hoping (Nash/Young/Crosby)
  • Wind crys Mary (J. Hendrix)
  • Little Wing (J. Hendrix)
  • Death of the Clown (Kinks)
  • Marys little Lamb (SRV)
  • Mr. Moon (Mando Diao)
  • It's all over now (Van Morrison)
  • You really got me (EVH)
  • Englishman in New York (STING)
  • Dancing in the Moonlight (Thin Lizzy)
  • Get it right (Climax Blues Band)
  • Venus (Shocking Blue)
  • Crazy little thing called love (Queen)
  • While my guitar(J.Healey, G.Harrison)  
  • Brute Force & Ignorance(Rory Gallagher)    
  • Pinball Wizard (The WHO)
  • After Dark (Tito & Tarantula)
  • Ballroom Blitz (Sweet)
  • My Friend Jack (The Smoke)